Friday, August 23, 2019
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Duo w/ Andy Hall

Trio w/ Andy Hall & Greg Ahl

Trio w/ Andy Hall & Marshall Gentry

Quartet w/ Andy Hall, and Greg Ahl

LPS Staff Development

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This page is dedicated to offering educational materials related to guitar and jazz studies in general. Click on a title to down-load a PDF document.

General Guidelines for Jazz Guitar PDF

Guitar Syllabus PDF

Typical Jazz Lines

Voicings for an Am9 chord with the ninth (B) and the third (C) played on adjacent strings

Minor iim7b5 - V7b9 Notes | Examples | Audio

Voicings for Maj7b5 Chords

Voicings for Maj7#5 Chords

Blues Piano voicings

ii-V-I Line Played in 2nd & 3rd Position (Dm7 - G7alt - CMaj7)


Please look for additional materials to be posted soon.
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