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Solo Guitar

Solo Guitar

Duo w/ Andy Hall

Quartet w/ Paul Haar, Andrew Voggesser & Justin Jones

Featured w/ The Nebraska Jazz Orchestra

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Research by Peter Bouffard

Foundations for a New Mode of Expression in Modern Jazz: Miles Davis's Kind of Blue & Modal Jazz (May 2004) (PDF)

Clara Schumann, Felix Mendelssohn, and the Aesthetics of Improvisatory Performance Practice (April 2002) (PDF)

Chopin, Jobim, and Contrafactum (December 2001) (PDF)

Bill Evans's Five : Who Could Ask for Anything More? (April 2001) (PDF)

Miles Davis: A Paradigm for the History of Modern Jazz (December 1999) (PDF)

Fostering Creativity through Improvisation (May 1995) (PDF)

Transcriptions and Essays

Herbie Hancock's solo on “Freedom Jazz Dance” (Essay) (Solo)

Rex Stewart's solo on “Wild Man Blues” (Essay) (Solo)

Clifford Brown's solo on “The Blues Walk” (Essay) (Solo)

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